July 27 2015 21:26:23
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ASRX Release Notes
07/26 15:51 - Rob Cobb
ASRX Drivers Club Facebook Group
07/24 13:53 - Rob Partridge
Cup Render Scenes
07/18 17:55 - Mariesman
ARCA Paint request
07/16 18:32 - Shriner
07/02 05:56 - Tony Reiner
Nice little read on rFactor 2 stock car update.
07/02 01:16 - Andres Elejalde
Thanks for the Skin, Ken!
07/01 22:44 - SnakeOiler
Sunday June 28th CRO Presents Salem
06/28 20:27 - Jay Crabill
Paint request for gtrl
06/26 01:21 - Andres Elejalde
Numbers for truck series
06/22 22:39 - Ed Eastley
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07/27 14:00
Ok pete, no problem. Any tips? lol

07/27 13:27
I'm running and admining the B Series in the trucks so cannot do for now.

07/27 12:30
Pete, you interested in co-commentating the race with me tonight? I have no problem doing it by myself, but would love to have an experienced broadcaster with me.

07/25 14:32
Hmm, I know I'm getting old, but I'm pretty sure I didn't run the DORL @ Kansas

07/25 07:27
Way to go Mark. 10 min before qualifying the power went out and was out for 3 hours. Ol well.^~

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Sim Factory Leagues

Indianapolis 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Indianapolis Mon 07/27 10:00pm as part of their Summer Truck Series.

Indianapolis 10:05pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Indianapolis Mon 07/27 10:05pm as part of their B Summer Truck Series.

Dover 8:30pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Dover Tue 07/28 8:30pm as part of their ARCA Series.

Pocono 8:45pm @30+

30+ (30+) is racing Pocono Tue 07/28 8:45pm as part of their Truck Summer 2015 Series.

Pocono 9:00pm @SCROL

Stock Car Racing Online (SCROL) is racing Pocono Tue 07/28 9:00pm as part of their SCROL Tuesday Summer Trucks Series.

Jerry Frost wins California ARCA

Jerry Frost won at California on Sunday 07/26 in the DORL D1 Open Racing Series.

Peter Easton wins Indianapolis Cup

Peter Easton won at Indianapolis on Sunday 07/26 in the TGR ASRX 2015 CUP Series.

Rob Partridge wins Homestead Trucks

Rob Partridge won at Homestead on Sunday 07/26 in the NSR Early Birds Summer Series.

New Hampshire 07/30 10:30pm @CRO

California Racing Online (CRO) is racing New Hampshire Thu 07/30 10:30 pm as part of their CRO Stock Car Series.
July 30th at 7:30 PM PDT CRO Comes back to the action with the New Hampshire 100!!!
Join us for the fun !!!!

Austen Semmelmann wins Martinsville Trucks

Austen Semmelmann won at Martinsville on Saturday 07/25 in the D2D Summer Truck Series.
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Suggested Donation: $20
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