April 19 2014 05:24:34
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04/19 00:32 - Rob Cobb
Richmond addon
04/18 14:13 - Pete Rawicz
Truck Updates
04/18 00:08 - Rob Cobb
Darlington Finish
04/15 11:57 - Rob Cobb
Switching ARCA.exe
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paintshop pro 101
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Incompatible game version
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Dodge Trucks faster than Chevy
04/01 20:54 - JFahrenkrog
Truck Viewer
03/31 20:34 - JFahrenkrog
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04/17 Richmond Add-on
 TSF Trucks Track
04/15 Common Track Graphics
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics (Original)
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics (Original)
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
04/13 #57 Larry Norman
 TSF Trucks
04/11 !RFM File (GTRL)
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/10 #033 Bill Holland
 TSF Trucks
04/09 #14 Tim Kirby
 TSF Trucks
04/03 #20 Zack Methvin
 ARCA Cup Series
04/03 #57 Larry Norman
 ARCA Cup Series
03/30 #20 Zack Methvin
 TSF Trucks
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04/18 15:54
Wish we could say the same Kev Wink

04/18 10:48
That's ok Tim, we could use a little peace and quit on TS. hehe

04/18 07:36
Sup guys, some personal issues might see the 2 truck parked for a bit, nothing major like a fire or anything, just some mental strain that might cloud judgement (what little i have), so i think i may be best to sit out a while...so if im not here tonite or monday..you know why. later

04/16 20:59
Hey guys....I ain't left ya, I'm just on vacation camping this week....I will be back Monday. Dang i miss racin with yall! Crazy

04/13 16:39

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Salem 8:00pm @ARAIG

As Real as it Gets (ARAIG) is racing Salem Sat 04/19 8:00pm as part of their ARCA Ultimate Challenge S12 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Nashville

Rob Partridge won at Nashville on Friday 04/18 in the GTRL Non-Points Series.
The plan was to test the ARCAX executable with the original cars. However; there would be no restarts in this race to test stop and go penalties. After a spring season of increased caution counts, the field kept it green for 120 laps at Nashville. Bryan Lee freed up his car on a good short-pitting strategy, but couldn't hold off Rob Partridge. The STP Dodge improved with each run and took the lead with 4 to go.

Replay of the broadcast

Kegan Huffman wins at Darlington

Kegan Huffman won at Darlington on Wednesday 04/16 in the DreamLAN Cup Cars Season #10 Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Darlington

Jerry Watson won at Darlington on Wednesday 04/16 in the DreamLAN Cup Cars Season #10 Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Darlington

Rob Cobb won at Darlington on Monday 04/14 in the GTRL Spring Truck Series.
Replay of the Broadcast

Rob Partridge wins at Pocono

Rob Partridge won at Pocono on Sunday 04/13 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird Series at GTRL.
Another one in the books for Rob Partridge that is leading the chase in the Sunday Early Birds Truck Series. It was quite an interesting race with people getting bitten by one of these three corners. Finishing second was John Richards followed by Rob Cobb in third, Dean Geer in fourth and with an honourable mention to Mark Satkowiak finishing in fifth place. Setup could get twitchy at times if you were overheating your rear tires. Nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning and going to race at Pocono. Goody's Headache Award goes to Steve Young that had a very fast truck and got caught up in an incident. We had a few cautions (ten to be exact) but most of them were created by self spins. See you all next week at Richmond for some serious short track racing!

Stephen Mahannah wins at Darlington

Stephen Mahannah won at Darlington on Saturday 04/12 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.
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