September 19 2014 11:49:40
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SFF Track question please
09/17 18:22 - Chris Sercombe
That was a close one!
09/11 23:59 - Gene Nie
Paint Stuff Needed in SFF
09/11 15:20 - Mariesman
Rob Wins Atlanta!! Awesome drive Rob
09/08 15:02 - Steve Young
2014 Cup Chase
09/06 02:13 - Rob Cobb
The Biffs new Ride for 2015
08/31 01:13 - Steve Young
Great Win Woody
08/28 21:07 - WSykes
Truck Updates
08/28 09:20 - Rob Cobb
Kansas Video Congrats Rob
08/25 11:32 - msatkowiak
RFM Update to Address Matchmaker Problems
08/13 14:10 - Rob Cobb
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SFF Updates

09/18 #16 Steve Young
 ARCA Cup Series
09/18 #21 Paul Sanders
 ARCA Cup Series
09/17 #50 John Vine
 ARCA Cup Series
08/27 Bristol Add-on
 TSF Trucks Track
08/23 #6 John Richards
 ARCA Cup Series
08/18 #32 Scot Williamson
 ARCA Cup Series
08/13 #70 Jim Scarboro
 ARCA Cup Series
08/12 !RFM File (GTRL)
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
08/12 Indianapolis Add-on
 TSF Trucks Track
08/11 #100 JF Champagne
 ARCA Cup Series
08/04 Setup Sender Plugin
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
08/04 #53 Alan Kahaly
 ARCA Cup Series
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GTRL Welcomes
Chris Sercombe


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09/18 23:44
I see Mr Bill Booz has been turning some laps....Comeback tour maybe? Bye Driving

09/18 19:37
Ok Rob, thx

09/18 19:24
New Hampshire
Setup 1874
Setup Viewer

09/18 19:23
Yes, you must use a GTRL car at GTRL tracks.

09/18 19:05
Rob, i got in ok now, is it possible the reason was because i did not chouse a GTRL car as my skin ? is there any other cars i can use ?

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New Hampshire 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing New Hampshire Fri 09/19 10:00pm as part of their Fall Cup Series.

Kevin Yates wins at Chicagoland

Kevin Yates won at Chicagoland on Thursday 09/18 in the 30+ Cup Fall 2014 Series.

Brandan Lowes wins at New Hampshire

Brandan Lowes won at New Hampshire on Thursday 09/18 in the NuffWORLD Pure Sim Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Chicagoland

Jerry Watson won at Chicagoland on Wednesday 09/17 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #13 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at New Hampshire

Rob Partridge won at New Hampshire on Wednesday 09/17 in the NuffWORLD NW RSN Truck Series.

Kegan Huffman wins at Chicagoland

Kegan Huffman won at Chicagoland on Wednesday 09/17 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #13 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Chicagoland

Rob Partridge won at Chicagoland on Tuesday 09/16 in the 30+ Truck Fall 2014 Series.

Paul Sanders wins at Chicagoland

Paul Sanders won at Chicagoland on Monday 09/15 in the GTRL Fall Truck Series.
It felt like a GWC for the last 20 laps. Intense.

Replay of the broadcast

Kevin Yates wins at Richmond

Kevin Yates won at Richmond on Sunday 09/14 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird at GTRL Fall Series.
Great job by everybody. Only two cautions at Richmond made it for a fast paced and exciting race. Kevin Yates took the win, followed by Rob Cobb, Rob Partridge, Steve Young and John Richards rounding up the top five. Rob Partridge led most laps but on the last restart Kevin Yates fought the leaders to drive away to an impressive win. The setup was fast, but you still had to watch tire wear. We saw a few tire blowouts during the race. After two races, Rob Cobb leads the Early Bird Series. Next week we are at Gateway. Have a nice weekend!  
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