February 11 2016 22:40:48
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2016 Seasons
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ARCA Pit Crew


Anyone interested in a pit crew for ARCA instead of the bouncing sign when you pit?
This was released for rFactor and I spent many hours editing it to get it to do what we need in ARCA.

The add-on was originally created by Cable Ace and Andy Wilhite at unitedsim.net for Stockcar Evolution.

Here are two screens of the crew and no they don't move :) They just appear when you pit or request a pit.
The last screenshot is of the pit exit guy and sign.
There is a zip file included that has psd files for the crew and sign. Just replace the dds files in GameData/Scripts with yours and you should be good to go.

I also have a download link for the original bouncing sign if you want to go back to it.

Download GTRL ARCA Pit Crew

Download Default Bouncing Sign

Unzip to your ARCA installation. The files will be in your GameData/Scripts folder.

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02/02 10:46
I just did a fresh install on a new SSD and I installed everything fresh. Cars, Tracks everything. The only thing I brought over was my User folder, my controller ini's and the GID files.

02/02 10:42
Rick, download and install the Launcher to C:\ASRX on the new machine and let it install everything. If you want to keep your controller settings and setups, copy the 'Userdata\Rick Smead' folder from your old PC.

02/02 10:26
I'm getting a new desk top tower, the OS is windows 10. What do I have to do to transfer client to the new tower I thinking the sim is just download to the new tower not sure about the client . Thanks

02/02 00:04
There used to be a guy named Steve Young that raced here, your not him are you? lol Good to see you Steve, welcome back!

02/01 23:08
Hey Guys Long Time. Looks like a fun track couldn't get all setup before race but I'll see you soon have fun

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