July 24 2014 11:25:32
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DW goes for a ride in a V8
07/22 15:27 - John Richards
Daytona 7/5 - Track & Setup Viewer Updated
07/04 14:52 - Randy Eliason
Truck Updates
07/02 19:54 - Rob Cobb
Force Feedback Plugins
07/02 00:10 - Randy Eliason
New Video Card
06/27 23:44 - Gene Nie
NEW Matchup Standings
06/24 16:55 - Rob Cobb
Paint Stuff Needed in SFF
06/14 11:19 - Larry Norman
paint request
05/31 01:50 - Rob Cobb
05/26 01:08 - Rob Cobb
Sim File Fetcher (SFF)
05/26 01:07 - Rob Cobb
Cup Standings
Truck Standings
SFF Updates

07/19 Memphis (GTRL)
 ARCA Cup Series Track
07/04 #20 Zack Methvin
 ARCA Cup Series
07/04 #28 Tim Miller
 ARCA Cup Series
07/04 #21 Paul Sanders
 ARCA Cup Series
06/26 California Add-On
 TSF Trucks Track
06/23 #2 Tim Miller
 TSF Trucks
06/23 #70 Jim Scarboro
 ARCA Cup Series
06/18 #20 Zack Methvin
 TSF Trucks
06/18 #32 Rob Cobb
 TSF Trucks
06/18 #6 John Richards
 TSF Trucks
05/27 Homestead Add-on
 TSF Trucks Track
05/21 Pace and Temp Car (GTRL)
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
ARCA Pit Crew


Anyone interested in a pit crew for ARCA instead of the bouncing sign when you pit?
This was released for rFactor and I spent many hours editing it to get it to do what we need in ARCA.

The add-on was originally created by Cable Ace and Andy Wilhite at unitedsim.net for Stockcar Evolution.

Here are two screens of the crew and no they don't move :) They just appear when you pit or request a pit.
The last screenshot is of the pit exit guy and sign.
There is a zip file included that has psd files for the crew and sign. Just replace the dds files in GameData/Scripts with yours and you should be good to go.

I also have a download link for the original bouncing sign if you want to go back to it.

Download GTRL ARCA Pit Crew

Download Default Bouncing Sign

Unzip to your ARCA installation. The files will be in your GameData/Scripts folder.

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07/23 23:48
Setup 1767
Setup Viewer

07/23 19:06
I love the Big E! Crazy Pilot

07/23 19:01
Missed dirt race Sunday am. Had to run to New Mexico and back for work. Really wanted to race that one, sorry I missed it. Will watch them tonight being I am back home again. Hi

07/19 21:52
Thanks Rob!

07/19 21:30
SFF now has Eldora track and Truck Update

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Sim Factory Leagues

Indianapolis (RSN) 8:00pm @NuffWORLD

NuffWORLD (NuffWORLD) is racing Indianapolis (RSN) Thu 07/24 8:00pm as part of their Pure Sim Series.

Indianapolis (PRO) 8:45pm @30+

30+ (30+) is racing Indianapolis (PRO) Thu 07/24 8:45pm as part of their Cup Summer 2014 Series.

John Ritter wins at Eldora

John Ritter won at Eldora on Wednesday 07/23 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Trucks Season #12 Series.

Kegan Huffman wins at Eldora

Kegan Huffman won at Eldora on Wednesday 07/23 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Trucks Season #12 Series.

John Richards wins at Atlanta

John Richards won at Atlanta on Tuesday 07/22 in the 30+ Truck Summer 2014 Series.

John Richards wins at Nashville

John Richards won at Nashville on Monday 07/21 in the GTRL Summer Truck Series.

Dean Geer wins at Eldora

Dean Geer won at Eldora on Sunday 07/20 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird at GTRL Summer Series.
The mud flew high this morning at Eldora. All drivers were ready to tackle this famous race track in the trucks for the first time. It was definitely not a disappointment. It was fun, exciting and very fast. We had a super setup that allowed some side by side racing and even three wides sometimes. Most of us raced with a grin on our face for sure. We had only 7 cautions and 2 of them were preset at lap 60 and lap 110. We saw many different drivers up front during this 150 lapper. At the end of the day, Dean Geer that had fought tooth and nail for the last 10 laps with Rob Cobb took the win. Patrick Rawicz took a respectable second place, followed by Jerry Watson in third, Mark Satkowiak in fourth and Larry Norman rounding up the top five. Rob Cobb had unfortunately spun on the last lap. Goody's Headache Award goes to Rob Partridge that somehow ran out of fuel after his pit crew refused to refuel him a couple of times. Maybe a bug with that pit stall. Anyway, a great race. I am sure that the guys are looking forward to run this track soon. Super job by all!

Dale Reynolds wins at New Hampshire

Dale Reynolds won at New Hampshire on Saturday 07/19 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.

Aaron Jackson wins at San Jose

Aaron Jackson won at San Jose on Saturday 07/19 in the ARAIG ARCA Road Course Challenge 2 S13 Series.
Aaron Jackson takes victory at San Jose in a dominant fashion, gaining Pole position too! It was also his first ever win in ARCA Sim Racing after 50+ attempts. Well done Aaron

John Richards wins at Memphis

John Richards won at Memphis on Friday 07/18 in the GTRL Non-Points Series.
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