Rob Cobb
Aliases #12_RCobb
Join Date 01/01/2007
Bio I started watching NASCAR and rooting for Earnhardt in the early 80s. I went to my first race in 1996 at Atlanta. Ken Huff encouraged me to try sim racing in 2005. I ran NR2003 off-line for 18 months and then joined GTRL in 2007 through Rambler. Dave Roden mentored me through those first years. My first win was at Rockingham on 8/8/2008. I won my first championship in the spring of 2009 and started to admin in the fall of 2009. SFF, the setup diffs plugin, the spotter plugin, the league management system, and the ASRX Launcher are software written to make sim racing more enjoyable for drivers and admins. I'd like to thank Robbie Shook for setting the tone on the track and putting in the time to make GTRL a great place to race. I love racing with my friends at GTRL!

Year      Sim

Spring Truck 2017-02-27
10117826.96.81100 (94%)1410
Spring Cup 2017-02-24
10227905.55.01506 (101%)3090
Non-Points 2017-02-24
2102203.51.5371 (103%)1900
Winter Truck 2016-12-05
11018907.55.21117 (100%)1440
Winter Cup 2016-12-02
11127914.55.21408 (96%)1870
Total4456313736.05.35502 (98%)9710

Painted by Jim Efaw on 12/11/2011
1976 Wood Brothers Purolator Mercury Cougar
Painted by John Wilson on 11/14/2011
1979 Rod Osterlund Chevrolet
Painted by John Wilson on 11/14/2011
1971-73 Coca-Cola driven by Bobby Allison
Painted by John Wilson on 11/04/2011
Bert Software
Painted by SnakeOiler on 09/01/2011
1985 Budweiser
Painted by SnakeOiler on 05/22/2010
Neil Bonnet 1984 Budweiser
Painted by SnakeOiler on 01/15/2010