October 04 2015 07:04:03
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10/03 19:58
The caution is under protest. Waiting on opinion from a 4th admin.

10/03 19:32
So will there be a penalty or not for the driver that did not serve their longest line? Just want to know for future races.

10/03 04:21
Looked deserved to me.

10/03 00:59
So the driver in tonights race hasnt been penalized for not taking the end of longest line penalty

10/03 00:48
From rule book: "If no driver accepts responsibility for the caution and fault is determined in the post-race review, the driver at fault shall be placed at the end of their finishing lap. A driver who forgets to take an EOLL penalty can drop to the back under green or take the EOLL during the next caution."

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