August 28 2015 18:14:58
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New PC Build!!
08/28 16:08 - Jay Crabill
Fall Series
08/28 12:48 - Ross Frisken
Spin rules and penalties
08/27 16:20 - Pete Rawicz
Any relation to John Richards?
08/25 11:29 - Tim Willet
ASRX Release Notes
08/25 10:50 - Rob Cobb
Paint request
08/22 00:44 - Osvaldo Angelone
Windows 10 and ASRX
08/17 22:51 - Ross Frisken
ASRX Drivers Club Fantasy Football League
08/10 01:00 - Jay Crabill
Watkins Glen lap times
08/04 07:33 - John Richards
ARCA Paint request
07/30 10:48 - Larry Norman
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08/28 17:38
Feel better soon Larry!!!

08/28 13:07
Get well quickly Larry

08/28 11:26
Hey Larry hope every thing gos well and we miss ya bud Bye

08/27 11:47
Ill print ya up some 57's and Corona stickers so the staff and drive you around the hallways, get better soon man!

08/27 11:05
I was wondering where you were MotorForker! Take care of yourself! Hope all goes well!

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Sim Factory Leagues

Richmond 8:00pm @ISG

IN2Simgamers (ISG) is racing Richmond Fri 08/28 8:00pm as part of their ISG-Stan Kelly Memorial Series.

Talladega 8:30pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Talladega Fri 08/28 8:30pm as part of their Gen6 Fun Races Series.

Kentucky 10:00pm @DORL

D1 Open Racing (DORL) is racing Kentucky Fri 08/28 10:00pm as part of their D1 Open Racing Series.

Atlanta 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Atlanta Fri 08/28 10:00pm as part of their Non-Points Cup Series.

Chad Dugan wins Charlotte Cup

Chad Dugan won at Charlotte on Thursday 08/27 in the DORL D1 Open Racing Series.

Casey Rabon wins Martinsville ARCA

Casey Rabon won at Martinsville on Thursday 08/27 in the SCROL SCROL Thurs. ARCA Short Tracks Series.

Rob Cobb wins Mid Ohio ARCA

Rob Cobb won at Mid Ohio on Thursday 08/27 in the 30+ Non-Points ARCA Series.

Dan Aller wins Phoenix Trucks

Dan Aller won at Phoenix on Wednesday 08/26 in the DORL DORL Series.

Chris Melton wins Daytona Cup

Chris Melton won at Daytona on Wednesday 08/26 in the NSR Insomniacs Summer Series.
A super caution free race by all drivers present. This was the last race before the chase starts. Tim Kirby took the pole. All drivers had a very good pace all night except some got caught speeding in the pits under green flag conditions. At the end of the evening, Chris Melton would take the win, followed by Patrick Rawicz in second, John Gallagher third, fourth place went to Rob Partridge and rounding up the top five Floyd Broadley. Great driving by all.

New series starts at DreamLAN on Wednesday 09/02

A new series (Bond Cup Season #19) is starting at DreamLAN on 09/02/2015
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Suggested Donation: $20
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