May 05 2015 00:11:40
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05/01 #57 Larry Norman
 ASRX Trucks
05/01 #12 Rob Cobb
05/01 #57 Larry Norman
04/27 #29 Andres Elejalde
04/27 #47 Joe Nathan
04/27 #29 Andres Elejalde
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04/27 #79 Gary Wilson
04/27 #79 Gary Wilson
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05/03 12:58
Wondering something, Is it possible when a driver hits the pitting key to pit. could it be made turn their name red on the tad name label , then back to white after pitting ? Just wondering .

05/02 18:27
Just a quick shout out from Dodge City Kansas.. I was blown away by not seeing any billboards of the great Rob Partridge in his home state Angry2

04/29 14:55
The Watkins Glen race on Wednesday April 29 2015 at 10 p.m. will be broadcasted thanks to Ron of RC-Live TV. Click on link below to access. http://www.nortex.

04/28 20:59
Yeah, definitely but still no excuse. Anyways, yeah, on the race video, Ron said I was erratic and divebombed frequently? I never divebombed anyone.

04/28 10:10
Brakes were touchy and had extra rear pull, Joe. We'll work on them.

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Sim Factory Leagues

Iowa 8:30pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Iowa Tue 05/05 8:30pm as part of their ARCA Series.

Kansas 8:45pm @30+

30+ (30+) is racing Kansas Tue 05/05 8:45pm as part of their Truck Spring 2015 Series.

Kansas 9:00pm @SCROL

Stock Car Racing Online (SCROL) is racing Kansas Tue 05/05 9:00pm as part of their Tuesday Nite ASRX Spring Truck Series.

Tim Miller wins at Talladega

Tim Miller won at Talladega on Monday 05/04 in the GTRL Spring Truck Series.

Kyle Sullivan wins at Homestead

Kyle Sullivan won at Homestead on Monday 05/04 in the SCROL Mon Nite ASRX/ARCA/CUP Series.

Todd Stover wins at Talladega

Todd Stover won at Talladega on Sunday 05/03 in the TGR ASRX 2015 CUP Series.

Matt Sotomayor wins at Milwaukee

Matt Sotomayor won at Milwaukee on Sunday 05/03 in the CRO CRO / NASSCAR World Stock Car Series.

Matt Sotomayor wins CRO's Historic return to Stock Car Racing.

Its been Seven Long Years since CRO Last Hosted a Arca Race and Arizona?s Matt Sotomayor takes his first ever win with the ASR Stock Cars.

In a race that had jitters over the first half , when things calmed down it came down to Matt Sotomayor Tim Miller and Rob Partridge . Marty Cave took the early lead and was running away from the field , but many yellows eat away his early lead and Rob Partridge took over the point .

Partridge lead until the next yellow and that put Sotomayor on the point as Partridge had a rare mistake in the pits.

The Always Fast Tim Miller was battling hard with Sotomayor in the last two restarts.

Ron O'Dell made his first ASRX Start in many years tonight along with Marty Cave who is CRO's last ASR Stock Car Champion.

The Race had 16 yellows over 120 laps , the last half of the race was good old fashion racing with battles for the lead and for positions in the field.

Dan Kiewicz was another driver who was making was making his return to ASR Stock Cars and took home a top ten .

Tom Craighead was in the thick of tonight's racing being near all of the yellows , However Tom managed to bring his hot-rod home in the eighth position .

All in all it was a good night of racing for all of the drivers .

Early jitters turned into a solid race.

Next Weeks Races will be at California Speedway.

Join us for the fun!

1 Matt Sotomayor

2 Tim Miller

3 Rob Partridge

4 Larry Norman

5 Marty Cave

6 Ron ODell

7 Chris Jimison

8 Thomas Craighead

9 Dan Kiewicz

10 Tary Roundtree

11 Chris Torres

12 Brian Kunze

That is your Top Twelve .

Chris Melton wins at Homestead

Chris Melton won at Homestead on Sunday 05/03 in the NSR Early Birds Winter Series.
Homestead was the last race of the winter season in the Trucks Early Birds. Chris Melton took the pole and eventually won his third race in his last four starts. The caution flag only flew two times midway in the race and close to the end. Great driving by all. Finishing second was Rob Cobb, third place went to John Gallagher, fourth to Rob Partridge and fifth to John Richards.
After the race, John Richards got crowned champion of the Trucks winter season. Congrats to John for a hard fought season. The Homestead setup was fast and stable but you still had to manage tires and fuel. Goody's Headache Award goes to Brian Pace that had to DNF due to a suspension problem after an encounter of the fourth kind. The winter season was a lot of fun and thanks to all drivers that participated. Next week we are starting the new summer season at Gateway. See you there!

John Vine wins at Talladega

John Vine won at Talladega on Saturday 05/02 in the RCR RCR Cup Series.

Bill Butler wins at Eldora

Bill Butler won at Eldora on Saturday 05/02 in the D2D Trucks Series.
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