April 24 2014 08:12:20
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Help with painting , please
04/23 22:01 - Rick Smead
04/21 18:41 - Zack Methvin
Truck Updates
04/20 23:34 - Rob Cobb
posting images how
04/20 21:58 - Rick Smead
Richmond addon
04/18 14:13 - Pete Rawicz
Darlington Finish
04/15 11:57 - Rob Cobb
Switching ARCA.exe
04/14 10:18 - Pete Rawicz
paintshop pro 101
04/07 16:50 - Fred Hensley
Incompatible game version
04/04 18:47 - JFahrenkrog
04/03 10:50 - Rob Cobb
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04/20 Richmond Add-on
 TSF Trucks Track
04/20 #10 Keith Drawdy
 TSF Trucks
04/15 Common Track Graphics
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics (Original)
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
04/15 Common Track Graphics (Original)
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
04/13 #57 Larry Norman
 TSF Trucks
04/11 !RFM File (GTRL)
 ARCA Cup Series Mod/Addon
04/10 #033 Bill Holland
 TSF Trucks
04/09 #14 Tim Kirby
 TSF Trucks
04/03 #20 Zack Methvin
 ARCA Cup Series
04/03 #57 Larry Norman
 ARCA Cup Series
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04/23 09:56
That is AWESOME news Gene. So glad to see my ol racin buddy back on the track. Music

04/23 00:36
Many thanks to Rob for figuring out all the problems I had with this sim. So I will be racing twice a week now!

04/22 16:46

04/22 01:04
We'll try to get that nasty pull fixed. Tomato

04/21 23:59
Sorry folks if I messed anyone up, tonight. Not good at this still trying . Sorry

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Sim Factory Leagues

Richmond 8:00pm @NuffWORLD

NuffWORLD is racing Richmond Thu 04/24 8:00pm as part of their Pure Sim Series.

Richmond (PRO) 8:45pm @30+

30+ is racing Richmond (PRO) Thu 04/24 8:45pm as part of their Cup Spring 2014 Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Gateway

Jerry Watson won at Gateway on Wednesday 04/23 in the DreamLAN Cup Cars Season #10 Series.

Kegan Huffman wins at Gateway

Kegan Huffman won at Gateway on Wednesday 04/23 in the DreamLAN Cup Cars Season #10 Series.

John Richards wins at Gateway

John Richards won at Gateway on Tuesday 04/22 in the 30+ Truck Spring 2014 Series.
John Richards led the most laps and proved it was not a fluke by winning a G-W-C finish. Woody Sykes finished 2nd and Rob Cobb edged out current points leader Rob Partridge for 3rd. Good racing guys.

Rob Cobb wins at Atlanta

Rob Cobb won at Atlanta on Monday 04/21 in the GTRL Non-Points Series.
A fun night of non-points action in Atlanta. The last restart was on lap 33 of this 96 lapper. Everyone had to pit twice setting up the opportunity for 2,4 and even no tire stops. Gary Wilson and Marc Cohn raced up front much of the night and closed out the top five behind Cobb, Richards, and Partridge.

Rob Partridge wins at Richmond

Rob Partridge won at Richmond on Sunday 04/20 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird Series at GTRL.
It all started by a mistake when I selected Richmond for the trucks schedule forgetting this was actually an ARCA Cup Track. Comes in Rob Cobb with his magic that made this track raceable for the trucks. Turns out we had an excellent setup resulting in a super race with only two cautions.
Rob Partridge took the win, followed by Brian Kenney, Mike Schreiner (a mention of excellence here for someone that does not race ARCA often), John Richards and Rob Cobb completing the top five. Goody's Headache Award goes to Steve Young that smacked the barrels at the entrance of pit road. Great race by all. Next week we are at Kentucky. Happy Easter to all!!!

David Ulmer wins at Salem

David Ulmer won at Salem on Saturday 04/19 in the ARAIG ARCA Ultimate Challenge S12 Series.
David Ulmer holds on to take victory. Despite leading 199 laps, it wasn't all plain sailing. With 18 laps to go on a long run, a caution fell that enabled him to retain a lead he looked certain to lose. And for the last 7 laps following the restart, he gamely held on despite not having the quickest car at the end of the race. Picture - back straight, last lap. David Ulmer under all sorts of pressure from Andy Graydon with less than a quarter of a mile to go. As viewed from behind the Scoreboard.

Rob Partridge wins at Nashville

Rob Partridge won at Nashville on Friday 04/18 in the GTRL Non-Points Series.
The plan was to test the ARCAX executable with the original cars. However; there would be no restarts in this race to test stop and go penalties. After a spring season of increased caution counts, the field kept it green for 120 laps at Nashville. Bryan Lee freed up his car on a good short-pitting strategy, but couldn't hold off Rob Partridge. The STP Dodge improved with each run and took the lead with 4 to go.

Replay of the broadcast

New series starts at DreamLAN on Wednesday 05/07

A new series (DreamLAN Trucks Season #11) is starting at DreamLAN on 05/07/2014
It takes over $500 a year to keep the GTRL servers running. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Suggested Donation: $20
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