January 25 2015 11:14:53
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ASRX Issue
01/25 02:05 - RCRacing
Thanks Brian!
01/24 11:05 - Randy Eliason
ASRX Release Notes
01/24 01:45 - Rob Cobb
ASRX Cup graphic issues
01/19 14:50 - Larry Norman
Gen 6 Templates
01/18 04:49 - RCRacing
Making it Simpler
01/14 10:07 - Ross Frisken
The Highlight Reel
01/06 16:37 - Rob Cobb
New Car
01/05 20:32 - Rob Cobb
New UI for ASRX
12/06 09:16 - Larry Norman
ATTN: Snakeoiler (Ken) Paint Request
12/06 09:13 - SnakeOiler
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01/22 #2 Randy Eliason
01/22 #3 Brian Pace
01/19 #87 Patrick Rawicz
01/19 #66 Bud Hartson
01/18 #21 Pete Rawicz
01/17 #46 David Hart
01/14 #30 Randy Chamberlin
01/09 #04 Brian Kenney
01/09 #17 Jerry Watson
01/08 #21 Paul Sanders
01/05 #14 Tim Kirby
01/05 #55 Matt Smith
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01/25 07:53
Cant make it this week either, my illness, keeping me from completing a race.

01/23 23:55
Great race guys. Hope I wasn't in the way too bad

01/22 20:14
Disappointing but he must have felt the need to retire. These guys go through alot in the wrecks get into.

01/22 16:18
D2D is having a Richmond race at 8:00PM Fri 75 laps. You're invited to come in and race, you can use it as a practice for GTRL's race later

01/22 12:51
Man, sad to hear about Gordon retiring Sad

Friday Cup Race

Richmond 01/23
Setup 2041
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Chris Sercombe02:53:57
Marc Cohn05:23:56
John Richards09:54:39
Gary Wilson10:35:56
Rob Partridge11:02:17
Paul Sanders11:57:40
Rob Cobb12:16:31
Gene Nie17:37:52
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Sim Factory Leagues

Larry Norman wins at Chicagoland

Larry Norman won at Chicagoland on Saturday 01/24 in the ARAIG ARAIG ARCA X Trucks Series.
Larry Norman takes victory in Round 2 of the ARAIG X Patch Truck series. And this was a victory of epic proportions, taking on and beating two of the fastest drivers at ARAIG and making a pass for the lead from 3rd place with less than 2 laps to go! Well done Larry:).

Paul Sanders wins at Richmond

Paul Sanders won at Richmond on Friday 01/23 in the GTRL Winter Cup Series.
Replay of the broadcast

John Richards wins at Montreal

John Richards won at Montreal on Thursday 01/22 in the 30+ Cup Winter Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Martinsville

Jerry Watson won at Martinsville on Wednesday 01/21 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #15 Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Martinsville

Jerry Watson won at Martinsville on Wednesday 01/21 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #15 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Kentucky

Rob Partridge won at Kentucky on Tuesday 01/20 in the 30+ Truck Winter Series.

Brian Sullivan wins at TBD

Brian Sullivan won at TBD on Tuesday 01/20 in the SCROL Tuesday Nite ARCA Trucks Series.

Kevin Yates wins at Richmond

Kevin Yates won at Richmond on Monday 01/19 in the GTRL Winter Truck Series.
Replay of the broadcast

New series starts at NuffWORLD on Thursday 02/05

A new series (Non-Points Cup Cars) is starting at NuffWORLD on 02/05/2015

New series starts at NuffWORLD on Friday 02/06

A new series (Pure Sim) is starting at NuffWORLD on 02/06/2015
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