October 31 2014 17:12:10
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Objects in the mirror?
10/28 12:25 - Jeff Barnes
Congrats Rob Cobb!!
10/14 10:57 - Rob Cobb
Teamspeak 3 Overlay
10/14 10:20 - msatkowiak
G25/G27 and XBox 360
10/08 01:48 - Marc Cohn
10/03 13:01 - Marc Cohn
Fall Series Logo
10/02 15:33 - Steve Young
Fred's New Truck
09/29 20:20 - msatkowiak
Lil something new.
09/23 00:31 - tdmiller
Few questions please....
09/22 13:00 - Chris Sercombe
years back i always used car no 07....
09/20 19:00 - Chris Sercombe
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10/25 #66a Bud Hartson
 TSF Trucks
10/20 #74 Wendell Neal
 TSF Trucks
10/11 MAS (Lightweight)
 TSF Trucks Mod/Addon
10/05 #2 Tim Miller
 TSF Trucks
10/04 #24 Cole Barnes
 TSF Trucks
10/02 #28 Tim Miller
 ARCA Cup Series
09/29 #066 John Zeggert
 TSF Trucks
09/26 #43 Fred Hensley
 TSF Trucks
09/26 #033 Bill Holland
 ARCA Cup Series
09/25 #21 Paul Sanders
 ARCA Cup Series
09/20 #07 Chris Sercombe
 TSF Trucks
09/18 #16 Steve Young
 ARCA Cup Series
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10/31 16:47
Get GTRL71 from SFF for tonight's race at Texas.

10/27 00:00
Do an SVN Update or get 'TRUCK Tire, Track, and RFM Updates' from SFF for Monday night. Cooling rate was increased.

10/26 09:31
Ok here is a dumb question how does one get the race set up from this site? I’m always showing up to race without the right set up. I see were the set ups are located, just don’t know how to put it to the sim .

10/21 08:11
All Times US/Eastern

10/17 12:29
Thx Rob, also what time are you relevant to me, i mean what state are server times, i want to set on my world clock, cheers

Friday Cup Race

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Gary Wilson 1 day
msatkowiak 2 days
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Sim Factory Leagues

Texas 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Texas Fri 10/31 10:00pm as part of their Fall Cup Series.

Kevin Yates wins at Martinsville (PRO)

Kevin Yates won at Martinsville (PRO) on Thursday 10/30 in the 30+ Cup Fall 2014 Series.

Kevin Kelley JR wins at Texas

Kevin Kelley JR won at Texas on Thursday 10/30 in the NuffWORLD Pure Sim Series.

Dylan Martens wins at Martinsville

Dylan Martens won at Martinsville on Wednesday 10/29 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #13 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Texas

Rob Partridge won at Texas on Wednesday 10/29 in the NuffWORLD NW RSN Truck Series.

Cole Martens wins at Martinsville

Cole Martens won at Martinsville on Wednesday 10/29 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #13 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Martinsville

Rob Partridge won at Martinsville on Tuesday 10/28 in the 30+ Truck Fall 2014 Series.

Kevin Yates wins at Martinsville

Kevin Yates won at Martinsville on Monday 10/27 in the GTRL Fall Truck Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Daytona

Rob Cobb won at Daytona on Sunday 10/26 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird at GTRL Fall Series.

New series starts at DreamLAN on Wednesday 11/05

A new series (Copy of DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #14) is starting at DreamLAN on 11/05/2014
It takes over $500 a year to keep the GTRL servers running. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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