March 30 2015 18:59:15
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Old North Wilksboro
03/30 18:20 - Bill Booz
ASRX Release Notes
03/30 12:05 - Chris Miller
GWC Cautions
03/30 08:46 - Gary Wilson
Cup A & B Split
03/28 17:09 - Rob Cobb
Need to find a number...
03/26 20:52 - D_Papa
Paint request
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Martinsville Truck Split
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Better Racing=Less Cautions
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Phoenix Truck Race
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03/25 #87 Jay Crabill
03/25 #23 Dominic Papa
03/24 #5 Jeremy Enochs
03/24 #1 Marty Cave
03/24 #71 Chris Melton
03/19 #49 Jeremy Brown
03/19 #88 Ivan Daniel
 ASRX Trucks
03/11 #11 Bill Booz
03/11 #2 Dick Swantek
03/11 #20 John Ritter
03/11 #11 Bill Booz
 ASRX Trucks
03/11 #79 Gary Wilson
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03/29 14:59

03/29 14:07
can someone put truck to Martinsville please for practice TY

03/28 14:46
sry guys, one mistake after another, over drove going into 1, bumped Tim and spun myself, then failed to start longest line.(sigh) see you in the b race.

03/28 13:23
apologies to Mr Martinez for the contact under one of the late yellows. Sorry man, thought we were going further before slowing up again

03/28 11:00
TYx Rob. I don't run the ARCA now that theres the GEN 6 cars Smile

Friday Cup Race

Martinsville 03/27
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Sim Factory Leagues

Darlington 8:00pm @SCROL

SCROL (SCROL) is racing Darlington Mon 03/30 8:00pm as part of their Mon Nite ASRX/ARCA/CUP Series.

Martinsville 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Martinsville Mon 03/30 10:00pm as part of their Spring Truck Series.

Martinsville 10:05pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Martinsville Mon 03/30 10:05pm as part of their B Server Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Martinsville

Rob Partridge won at Martinsville on Sunday 03/29 in the TGR ASRX 2015 CUP Series.

John Richards wins at Eldora

John Richards won at Eldora on Sunday 03/29 in the NSR Early Birds Winter Series.
Loads of fun! Dirt slinging, front locking, rear spinning, door banging, rear ending, paint chipping, body crushing are just a few of the highlights of this race. Steve Young took the pole. We ended up with 30 lead changes in this one. I am sure most drivers had a grin on their face during the race. A super job by all the people that worked on this track giving us all a dirt alternative. At the end of the day, John Richards won the "Mud Pie 150", followed by Jay Crabill, Mark Bettencourt, Steve Young and John Vine rounding up the top five. There will be lots of body repairs on these trucks getting them ready for next week at Kentucky. 

Les Sheets wins at Darlington

Les Sheets won at Darlington on Saturday 03/28 in the D2D Trucks Series.

Jeremy Enochs wins at California

Jeremy Enochs won at California on Saturday 03/28 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Martinsville

Rob Cobb won at Martinsville on Friday 03/27 in the GTRL B Server Series.

Kevin Yates wins at Martinsville

Kevin Yates won at Martinsville on Friday 03/27 in the GTRL Spring Cup Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Martinsville

Rob Partridge won at Martinsville on Friday 03/27 in the D2D Gen6 Winter/Spring Series.
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