August 01 2014 20:23:05
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07/28 00:53 - Rob Cobb
DW goes for a ride in a V8
07/22 15:27 - John Richards
Daytona 7/5 - Track & Setup Viewer Updated
07/04 14:52 - Randy Eliason
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07/02 00:10 - Randy Eliason
New Video Card
06/27 23:44 - Gene Nie
NEW Matchup Standings
06/24 16:55 - Rob Cobb
Paint Stuff Needed in SFF
06/14 11:19 - Larry Norman
paint request
05/31 01:50 - Rob Cobb
05/26 01:08 - Rob Cobb
Sim File Fetcher (SFF)
05/26 01:07 - Rob Cobb
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07/29 #2 Tim Miller
 TSF Trucks
07/29 #32 Scot Williamson
 ARCA Cup Series
07/28 Indianapolis Add-On
 TSF Trucks Track
07/27 #46 David Hart
 TSF Trucks
07/26 #40 Rob Partridge
 ARCA Cup Series
07/19 Memphis (GTRL)
 ARCA Cup Series Track
07/04 #20 Zack Methvin
 ARCA Cup Series
07/04 #28 Tim Miller
 ARCA Cup Series
07/04 #21 Paul Sanders
 ARCA Cup Series
06/26 California Add-On
 TSF Trucks Track
06/23 #70 Jim Scarboro
 ARCA Cup Series
06/18 #20 Zack Methvin
 TSF Trucks
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07/29 00:58
Setup 1768
Setup Viewer

07/23 23:48
Setup 1767
Setup Viewer

07/23 19:06
I love the Big E! Crazy Pilot

07/23 19:01
Missed dirt race Sunday am. Had to run to New Mexico and back for work. Really wanted to race that one, sorry I missed it. Will watch them tonight being I am back home again. Hi

07/19 21:52
Thanks Rob!

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Pocono 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Pocono Fri 08/01 10:00pm as part of their Summer Cup Series.

John Richards wins at Pocono

John Richards won at Pocono on Thursday 07/31 in the NuffWORLD Pure Sim Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Iowa

Jerry Watson won at Iowa on Wednesday 07/30 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Trucks Season #12 Series.

Chuck Garcia wins at Pocono

Chuck Garcia won at Pocono on Wednesday 07/30 in the NuffWORLD NW RSN Truck Series.

Jerry Watson wins at Iowa

Jerry Watson won at Iowa on Wednesday 07/30 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Trucks Season #12 Series.

Woody Sykes wins at Pocono

Woody Sykes won at Pocono on Tuesday 07/29 in the 30+ Truck Summer 2014 Series.

Tim Miller wins at Eldora

Tim Miller won at Eldora on Monday 07/28 in the GTRL Summer Truck Series.
By the end of this one, most trucks had rubbed the wall and plenty of fenders were bent, but that's racing on the dirt. Miller took the pole and managed his race well making passes when they counted. He used the high side on the final restart to hold off Richards for the win. Yates and Richards led most of the race, but the field was never far behind. The top 6 drivers are separated by 11 points in the Summer Truck standings with only two races to go.

Replay of the broadcast

Rob Partridge wins at Talladega

Rob Partridge won at Talladega on Sunday 07/27 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird at GTRL Summer Series.
Another race with just one caution. This caused all kinds of different strategies to be played out towards the end. Fast paced and lots of action was the bottom line. We had 14 lead changes and 8 drivers leading at least one lap. Setup was very stable. A few drivers got caught for speeding in the pits. At the end of the day Rob Partridge would add another win to his resume. Second place went to Pete Rawicz, third to Brian Kenney, fourth to Rob Cobb and rounding up the top 5 Randy Eliason. Goody's Headache Award goes to Floyd Broadley that ran out of fuel early in the race and never was able to come back from 3 laps down. A mention of "job well done" to Fred Hensley that definitely improved his driving after having his wheel properly adjusted "with a little help from our friends"!.  Next week we are at Gateway. See you all then!

Jacob Popoloski wins at Indianapolis

Jacob Popoloski won at Indianapolis on Saturday 07/26 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.
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