April 21 2015 02:29:34
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ASRX Release Notes
04/20 16:06 - Rob Cobb
John Caranci
04/09 20:39 - J Caranci
04/06 23:57 - Rob Cobb
Track Designing
04/06 14:22 - DaveHall
iRacing Video on newest Build
04/05 02:05 - Rob Cobb
Neat article about sim racing champ.
04/02 12:49 - Dwayne Hamm
ARCA self-driving cars plugin headed for race track
04/01 23:41 - Dwayne Hamm
Paint request
04/01 00:44 - Patrick87
CRO TV Show 4
03/31 14:19 - Joe Martinez
Old North Wilksboro
03/30 19:46 - Gene Nie
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Next Race: Richmond 04/24
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04/19 #47 Joe Nathan
 ASRX Trucks
04/16 #47 Joe Nathan
04/16 #07 Joe Martinez
04/09 #25 Joe Hildinger
04/05 #71 Chris Melton
 ASRX Trucks
04/05 #5 Jeremy Enochs
 ASRX Trucks
04/03 #33 Bill Holland
 ASRX Trucks
03/30 #87 Jay Crabill
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03/30 #23 Dominic Papa
 ASRX Trucks
03/30 #87 Jay Crabill
03/30 #68 Rob Partridge
 ASRX Trucks
03/28 #23 Dominic Papa
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04/21 00:23
That is one embarrising photo(B race) for me. I have to say that was one great race. Great hard clean racing.

04/19 21:44
So there is no more client used, nice. Ok Pete thanks . My PC video card is maxed out on its mother board . Older desktop.

04/19 21:25
Download launcher and copy whole ASRX directory to new PC. Redo video card setup if it is different, profile and you're in business.

04/19 13:27
I'm thinking about getting a new desk top, how hard would it be to transfer the game to it, you need the client on the new PC right ?

04/16 04:48
Kirby Thanks Kirby and as for the restart yes I did jump it, sorry. I'm not use to being in 1st , LOL

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Sim Factory Leagues

Daytona 8:30pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Daytona Tue 04/21 8:30pm as part of their ARCA Series.

Richmond 8:45pm @30+

30+ (30+) is racing Richmond Tue 04/21 8:45pm as part of their Truck Spring 2015 Series.

Talladega 9:00pm @SCROL

SCROL (SCROL) is racing Talladega Tue 04/21 9:00pm as part of their Tuesday Nite ASRX Spring Truck Series.

Peter Easton wins at Bristol

Peter Easton won at Bristol on Monday 04/20 in the GTRL B Truck Series.

John Richards wins at Bristol

John Richards won at Bristol on Monday 04/20 in the GTRL Spring Truck Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Bristol

Rob Cobb won at Bristol on Sunday 04/19 in the TGR Practice Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Bristol

Rob Cobb won at Bristol on Sunday 04/19 in the TGR ASRX 2015 CUP Series.

Chris Melton wins at Nashville

Chris Melton won at Nashville on Sunday 04/19 in the NSR Early Birds Winter Series.

Kevin Kelley Jr wins at Texas

Kevin Kelley Jr won at Texas on Saturday 04/18 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.

Joe Nathan wins at Dover

Joe Nathan won at Dover on Saturday 04/18 in the D2D Trucks Series.
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