March 02 2015 07:40:39
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March 1 Notes
03/02 00:31 - Pete Rawicz
ASRX Release Notes
02/28 19:58 - Rob Cobb
Daytona Notes
02/25 17:31 - Rob Cobb
02/22 12:08 - Larry Norman
Cups speed
02/21 11:08 - KSNelson
2015 Talladega Asphalt Textures
02/19 14:10 - bmagee
Making it Simpler
02/18 17:44 - Steve Young
Great start at Daytona
02/18 16:08 - msatkowiak
1998 Bill Elliott
02/18 12:16 - bmagee
Green Flag Racing
02/17 19:01 - Marc Cohn
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02/28 #42 Keith Powell
02/28 #09 Dwayne Hamm
02/28 #42 Keith Powell
 ASRX Trucks
02/28 #42 Keith Powell
02/26 #83 Tom Craighead
02/26 #63 Matt Sotomayor
02/26 #99 Chris Torres
02/26 #07 Joe Martinez
02/26 #42 Steven Ray
02/26 #46 David Hart
02/26 #3 Brian Pace
02/24 #25 Brett Horner
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03/01 19:32
This is an official apology for wrecking the entire field at Phoenix truck race this morning.

03/01 18:25
I think I eased his mind last night Joshua lol, seemed excited by my comments at least.

03/01 17:40
Works great now. If you need help with eldora stuff let me know im all for testing. Got nothing better to do Razz

03/01 17:05
Yeah, rackspace (file server) is doing maintenance today.

03/01 16:52
anybody else only getting like 5-20 kb/s on the launcher? cant DL the new stuff.

Friday Cup Race

Atlanta 02/27
Setup 2167
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Sim Factory Leagues

Watkins Glen 8:00pm @SCROL

SCROL (SCROL) is racing Watkins Glen Mon 03/02 8:00pm as part of their Mon Nite ASRX/ARCA/CUP Series.

Atlanta 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Atlanta Mon 03/02 10:00pm as part of their Spring Truck Series.

Floyd Broadley wins at Phoenix

Floyd Broadley won at Phoenix on Sunday 03/01 in the NSR Early Birds Winter Series.
A very fast paced race even if there were numerous cautions. Bill Holland took the pole. The race would end up in a mega melee involving more than half the field when the leader at the time went too low on the apron and lost control. Admins froze the field and gave the win to Taco Floyd. Second place went to Rob Cobb, third place to Brian Kenney, fourth to Steve Young and rounding up the top five Rob Partridge. Never saw "The Big One" at Phoenix but it was worth the entry price. Next week is our last race before the chase and we'll be at Kansas, See you then!

Jeremy Enochs wins at Daytona

Jeremy Enochs won at Daytona on Saturday 02/28 in the NuffWORLD RePlay Cup Series.

Doug Gunning wins at Atlanta

Doug Gunning won at Atlanta on Saturday 02/28 in the D2D Trucks Series.

Danny Gutierrez wins at Atlanta

Danny Gutierrez won at Atlanta on Friday 02/27 in the GTRL Spring Cup Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Atlanta

Rob Partridge won at Atlanta on Friday 02/27 in the GTRL Spring Cup Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Atlanta

Rob Partridge won at Atlanta on Friday 02/27 in the D2D Gen6 Winter/Spring Series.
Rob Partridge wins @ D2D Atlanta in a caution filled race.

Frank Semanto wins at Daytona

Frank Semanto won at Daytona on Friday 02/27 in the NuffWORLD Non-Points Cup Cars Series.

Steve Deyo wins at Daytona

Steve Deyo won at Daytona on Friday 02/27 in the NuffWORLD Non-Points Cup Cars Series.
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