January 31 2015 12:38:13
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Paint request
01/30 19:30 - Gene Nie
Paint Request
01/30 19:04 - Wendell Neal
Gene sounds like you got a virus
01/30 15:42 - Gene Nie
ASRX Release Notes
01/30 13:26 - Rob Cobb
ASRX Issue
01/28 18:51 - Rob Cobb
NASCAR Fantasy League!
01/28 14:04 - Marc Cohn
Making it Simpler
01/27 09:45 - John Stanley
Thanks Brian!
01/24 11:05 - Randy Eliason
ASRX Cup graphic issues
01/19 14:50 - Larry Norman
Gen 6 Templates
01/18 04:49 - RCRacing
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01/27 #16 Steve Young
01/26 #21 Paul Sanders
 ASRX Trucks
01/24 #79 Gary Wilson
01/24 #44 Paul Hahn
01/22 #2 Randy Eliason
01/22 #3 Brian Pace
01/19 #87 Patrick Rawicz
01/19 #66 Bud Hartson
01/18 #21 Pete Rawicz
01/17 #46 David Hart
01/14 #30 Randy Chamberlin
01/09 #04 Brian Kenney
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01/31 08:01
Sorry for the cautions last note, I still couldn't get my mirror right.

01/31 03:40
Missed a good race I'm sure. Bought my son a puppy so was a little busy. See ya at the Glenn

01/31 01:05
My seat and mirror positions are 0 except seat forward +20

01/30 20:55
I found a setting in plyr ini that has a vertical mirror adjustment, mine is set at 0.0000, is that right?

01/30 16:10
Tried that Rob and it only tilts the mirror left and right, not up and down. Is there a key combo for that?

Friday Cup Race

Kentucky 01/30
Setup 2042
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Sim Factory Leagues

Talladega 8:00pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Talladega Sat 01/31 8:00pm as part of their Trucks Series.

Daytona 8:00pm @NuffWORLD

NuffWORLD (NuffWORLD) is racing Daytona Sat 01/31 8:00pm as part of their RePlay Cup Series.

Charlotte 8:00pm @D2D

Door 2 Door (D2D) is racing Charlotte Sat 01/31 8:00pm as part of their Gen6 Series.

Texas 8:00pm @TGR

True Grit Racing (TGR) is racing Texas Sat 01/31 8:00pm as part of their Cup Winter Series.

John Richards wins at Kentucky

John Richards won at Kentucky on Friday 01/30 in the GTRL Winter Cup Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Iowa

Rob Partridge won at Iowa on Thursday 01/29 in the 30+ Cup Winter Series.

Dylan Martens wins at Charlotte

Dylan Martens won at Charlotte on Wednesday 01/28 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #15 Series.

Mark Satkowiak wins at Charlotte

Mark Satkowiak won at Charlotte on Wednesday 01/28 in the DreamLAN DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #15 Series.

Rob Partridge wins at Iowa

Rob Partridge won at Iowa on Tuesday 01/27 in the 30+ Truck Winter Series.

Brian Sullivan wins at Kansas

Brian Sullivan won at Kansas on Tuesday 01/27 in the SCROL Tuesday Nite ARCA Trucks Series.
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