Thread subject: GTRL :: ECCI Trackstar 6000GTS for sale

Posted by razzorr on 04-15-2017 15:59

Hello everyone. I have a ECCI Trackstar 6000GTS I am putting up for sale. This is wheel (2 button) and pedals (3 clutch,brake,gas). It has FLDS cooling sleeve and HDUSB added on to it. Great system I just do not have time to race anymore.

razzorr9 at

Thank You.

EDIT: I am asking $650.00 plus shipping. I am the second owner from 2009. The first owner got it in 2003. It has extra parts like the original controller circuit board and other parts that will go with it.

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Posted by razzorr on 04-15-2017 16:14

Here are the pedals

Posted by razzorr on 05-11-2017 16:02

Added edit with info I accidently deleted when trying to get the pictures to show.