Thread subject: GTRL :: New skin request form!!

Posted by Jay Crabill on 07-12-2016 18:30

A few of us have got together and put together a Google Form that lets us recieve and track skin requests. If you are in need of a skin for any of the 4 mods, just head to the link, and it will walk you through it.

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Posted by Jay Crabill on 07-13-2016 06:25

We also have a new facebook page to check out as well:
Our first customer, Joe Martinez, has his new skin complete. Check it out!

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Posted by Wendell Neal on 10-21-2016 19:46

I put in a couple of requests. Are you still doing this?

Posted by Fred Hensley on 05-08-2017 17:12

Yes I would like a new paint job. not sure what I'm looking for maybe something thats on the NSACAR circut now or old school. you might have something I like thinking about changing My number to Thank You Thank You

Posted by Nello Spazio on 12-20-2017 09:59

to Jesse Simon:

i've done some Bud lite skins for you, but i don't know how to send'em to you, if you read this, pm an e\mail adress, i'll send you the dds files, so if you enjoy at least one of them, you can directly upload it.