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Larry Appleman Memorial Race
Trevor Brownlee
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Posted on 05-31-2017 20:30

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This post is for those that have yet succumbed to the likes of social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. Announcing today, right now, at this very moment! Next Tuesday will be a special race within the community for various reasons! Sorry Rob! Don't mean to advertise here. God forgive me! Tuesday will see the very best ASRX, or I hope, battle the high banks in The Wolverine State as we remember one of our own. Tuesday June 6th will mark the first annual Larry Appleman 180 from Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI! 90 laps the distance for the ASRX community as we commemorate the life of a man who gave so much and asked for nothing! I hope to see everyone there. Feel free to invite as well. Remember we only start 30!Big Grin
Trevor Brownlee
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