February 06 2016 06:34:34
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02/02 13:14
OK download and install from this site. ok will try that, thanks Robb.

02/02 10:46
I just did a fresh install on a new SSD and I installed everything fresh. Cars, Tracks everything. The only thing I brought over was my User folder, my controller ini's and the GID files.

02/02 10:42
Rick, download and install the Launcher to C:\ASRX on the new machine and let it install everything. If you want to keep your controller settings and setups, copy the 'Userdata\Rick Smead' folder from your old PC.

02/02 10:26
I'm getting a new desk top tower, the OS is windows 10. What do I have to do to transfer client to the new tower I thinking the sim is just download to the new tower not sure about the client . Thanks

02/02 00:04
There used to be a guy named Steve Young that raced here, your not him are you? lol Good to see you Steve, welcome back!

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