November 26 2014 18:58:29
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
11/26 15:58 - Marc Cohn
Winter Cup Season
11/25 18:44 - Rob Cobb
The reason I had warp tonight..
11/25 02:26 - Marc Cohn
Toyota Grill
11/17 16:41 - tdmiller
Been playing with some photoshop and illustrator.
11/08 00:31 - tdmiller
Objects in the mirror?
11/02 15:49 - Jeff Barnes
Congrats Rob Cobb!!
10/14 10:57 - Rob Cobb
Teamspeak 3 Overlay
10/14 10:20 - msatkowiak
G25/G27 and XBox 360
10/08 01:48 - Marc Cohn
10/03 13:01 - Marc Cohn
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11/15 #88 Marc Cohn
 ASRX Trucks
11/14 #* GTRL Base
10/31 #7a Dean Plummer
 ASRX Trucks
10/25 #66a Bud Hartson
 ASRX Trucks
10/20 #74 Wendell Neal
 ASRX Trucks
10/11 MAS (Lightweight)
 ASRX Trucks Mod/Addon
10/05 #2 Tim Miller
 ASRX Trucks
10/04 #24 Cole Barnes
 ASRX Trucks
10/02 #28 Tim Miller
10/02 #28 Tim Miller
09/29 #066 John Zeggert
 ASRX Trucks
09/26 #43 Fred Hensley
 ASRX Trucks



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11/26 17:33
dui on the ASRX cup cars I forgot to mention

11/26 17:30
had to cut way down on the tape to keep the temp down and the back straight I'm loose but fast

11/25 21:05
No worries Rick!

11/24 23:38
Sorry about cutting in front of you in lap 2 , Dean Plummer.

11/24 17:53
where could i find the no shine mas file for the trucks?

Friday Cup Race

Atlanta 11/28
Setup 1934
Setup Viewer

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John Richards< 5 mins
Fred Hensley01:25:16
Ross Frisken02:44:31
Marc Cohn02:59:50
K Yates04:37:47
Rob Cobb05:56:53
Rob Partridge15:29:56
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Sim Factory Leagues

Iowa 8:00pm @DreamLAN

DreamLAN (DreamLAN) is racing Iowa Wed 11/26 8:00pm as part of their Copy of DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #14 Series.

Iowa 9:30pm @DreamLAN

DreamLAN (DreamLAN) is racing Iowa Wed 11/26 9:30pm as part of their Copy of DreamLAN Truck/Cup Season #14 Series.

Brian Sullivan wins at Chicagoland

Brian Sullivan won at Chicagoland on Tuesday 11/25 in the SCROL Tuesday Nite ARCA Trucks Series.

Rob Cobb wins at Homestead

Rob Cobb won at Homestead on Monday 11/24 in the GTRL Fall Truck Series.
Replay of the broadcast

Rob Partridge wins at Charlotte

Rob Partridge won at Charlotte on Sunday 11/23 in the NSR Nortex Early Bird at GTRL Fall Series.

Kevin Kelley JR wins at Charlotte

Kevin Kelley JR won at Charlotte on Saturday 11/22 in the NuffWORLD Non-Points Cup Cars Series.

Justin McLucas wins at Charlotte

Justin McLucas won at Charlotte on Saturday 11/22 in the NuffWORLD Non-Points Cup Cars Series.

Paul Sanders wins at Homestead

Paul Sanders won at Homestead on Friday 11/21 in the GTRL Fall Cup Series.
Paul Sanders claims the 2014 GTRL Cup Championship by winning at Homestead.

Replay of the broadcast

Kevin Yates wins at Homestead (PRO)

Kevin Yates won at Homestead (PRO) on Thursday 11/20 in the 30+ Cup Fall 2014 Series.

New series starts at GTRL on Friday 11/28

A new series (Winter Cup) is starting at Good Times Racing League on 11/28/2014
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