August 03 2015 17:18:23
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ARCA Paint request
07/30 10:48 - Larry Norman
Windows 10 and ASRX
07/30 10:13 - Ross Frisken
ASRX Release Notes
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ASRX Drivers Club Facebook Group
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Paint request for gtrl
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07/28 10:01
Sorry about my over dramatic exit last night...kinda foolish/selfish on my part. Hope I did not damage anybody with flying debris.... Sad

07/27 14:00
Ok pete, no problem. Any tips? lol

07/27 13:27
I'm running and admining the B Series in the trucks so cannot do for now.

07/27 12:30
Pete, you interested in co-commentating the race with me tonight? I have no problem doing it by myself, but would love to have an experienced broadcaster with me.

07/25 14:32
Hmm, I know I'm getting old, but I'm pretty sure I didn't run the DORL @ Kansas

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Sim Factory Leagues

Las Vegas 9:00pm @SCROL

Stock Car Racing Online (SCROL) is racing Las Vegas Mon 08/03 9:00pm as part of their SCROL Mon Nite ARCA Series.

Pocono 10:00pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Pocono Mon 08/03 10:00pm as part of their Summer Truck Series.

Pocono 10:05pm @GTRL

Good Times Racing League (GTRL) is racing Pocono Mon 08/03 10:05pm as part of their B Summer Truck Series.

Peter Easton wins Michigan Trucks

Peter Easton won at Michigan on Sunday 08/02 in the SRZ SRZ Truck Sun Series.

Aron Hicks wins Indianapolis ARCA

Aron Hicks won at Indianapolis on Sunday 08/02 in the DORL D1 Open Racing Series.

Doug Gunning wins Pocono Cup

Doug Gunning won at Pocono on Sunday 08/02 in the SCROL SCROL Sunday Nite Cup Series.

Kyle Pilman wins Pocono Cup

Kyle Pilman won at Pocono on Sunday 08/02 in the TGR ASRX 2015 CUP Series.

Chris Melton wins Pocono Trucks

Chris Melton won at Pocono on Sunday 08/02 in the NSR Early Birds Summer Series.

Dan Boersma wins Talladega Trucks

Dan Boersma won at Talladega on Saturday 08/01 in the D2D Summer Truck Series.

Paul Hahn wins Pocono Cup

Paul Hahn won at Pocono on Friday 07/31 in the GTRL B Summer Cup Series.
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